The best laser cutters in September 2023 | Creative Bloq

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Cut, score and engrave a variety of materials, using the best laser cutters for ultimate precision. Our expert tester picks the top laser machine for home and studio use. Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine

The best laser cutters in September 2023 | Creative Bloq

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The best laser cutters are both increasingly capable and increasingly affordable. And so you don't have to be a big business or professional manufacturer to use them: hobbyist and small business owners are finding they can greatly enhance their productivity and creativity too. 

The best laser cutters can be used to cut materials, of course, but also engrave and score. Working with digital drawing software, you can transfer the most meticulous designs to a material of your choice. Most of the best laser cutters now come with bespoke apps too and can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile. Laser cutters are becoming more accessible and match up to the best Cricut alternatives and Cricut machines for modern digital crafting. 

But which model should you buy? With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your specific needs. In this article, I bring together the best laser cutters available today, considering factors such as cutting power, precision, software compatibility, and ease of use. I've personally tested many of the laser cutters below. 

The xTool P2 offers a powerful 55W CO2 laser, 600 mm/s speed and fully encased metal frame for professional and clean use. The P2 is a very capable laser cutter and it's biggest strength is it can be fully upgraded to include an auto feeder passthrough and base riser. Overall, it is a very versatile laser cutter. Read more below

Best for small studios

The Glowforge Pro is a well-made, easy to use and powerful laser cutter. It's 45W CO2 laser is a little less powerful than the newer P2. However, 45W CO2 is still good. Glowforge Pro's macro camera and autofocus ensure this remains the most accurate laser cutter I've used. A pro machine. Read more below

The xTool M1 is a Red Dot Design Award winning laser cutter that uniquely uses a laser and blade cutter in one box. This can work like a Cricut Maker and then engrave like a laser cutter, all in one project. The M1 is a perfect laser cutter for beginners, as it's not large, easy to use, and can do most craft tasks. Read more below

Best for crafters

This machine features both laser and a blade cutting technology. The blade can cut cleaner than some lasers, with no scorching, but its 5/10 watt diode laser is not as powerful as others on this list. Read more below

Best for speed

The xTool F1 is smart and portable, and a great choice for beginners with some great specs, including 0.00199mm accuracy, a 4000 mm/s engraving speed (more than enough for small projects). It takes up very little space and has a neat design, too. Read more below

Best for power

This approachable, more basic version of the Glowforge Pro with a slower cooling system and a 40-watt laser rather than a 45-watt beam. However, it's still very powerful and quick, moreso than the xTool M1, and offers great app support. Read more below

Best for hobbyists

This trendy machine makes use of new laser tech that sends four beams through the reflector to combine into one 20W laser, oxidising metallic surfaces in an instant so you can create over 300 colours. It does this at a respectable speed of 400 mm/s. Read more below

Compact in size (162.5 x 60 x 122mm), weighing just 2.2kg and with a useful handle, this is a lovely and portable laser cutter which can cut wood, paper, acrylic and leather that's 5mm thick or less, and offers a maximum engraving size of 100x2000mm. Read more below

Best for beginners

Highly capable and relatively straightforward to use, this device can slice through a wide variety of materials, including wood, leather, plywood, acrylic, density board, bamboo, cloth, double colour plate and glass. Note that it won't cut through metal, though. Read more below

This cheap, non-power-intensive laser cutter is nice and portable, and can cut cardboard, non-woven fabric, veneer, acrylic, some thin plastic board, sponge, MDF and leather, and engrave materials like wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, MDF, slate, lacquered metal and stainless steel.  Read more below

Best for versatility

This laser cutter works with a fantastic range of materials, including bamboo, acrylic, fabric, glass, ceramic, delrin, cloth, leather, marble, matte board, melamine, paper, mylar, pressboard, rubber, fibreglass, anodised aluminium, tile, plastic and Corian. Read more below

The best laser cutters in September 2023 | Creative Bloq

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